We are CLOSED (Indefinitely) for submissions!


Categories: flash-fiction / poetry / memoirs

Genres: we want your best, even if your best make us cringe with cognitive dissonance. Just do not make us cringe because of bad grammar, spelling, formatting, boring characters, and/or disjointed plots with no clear beginning, middle, and end.

Basically, we are looking for literary works. If you’re writing about vampires, the fact that the characters are vampires should be somewhere in the background. In other words, if they weren’t vampires, it shouldn’t affect the overall story too much.

We love the classics: Hemingway, Vonnegut, Salinger, Camus, Borges, Marquez, Alexie, Murakami, Steinbeck, Kerouac, Orwell, Shelley, McCarthy, Cheever, Huxley, Sartre, Castaneda, Kafka…you get the picture.

Word Count: Up to 2,500 words in English

Formatting: Word.doc, Word.docx, Apple Pages – 12pt – Times New Roman or Courier – double spaced – 1″ margins. Please include a short bio (150 words), profile image, and contact info including social media links.

Email submissions to: with subject “Online Submission_Category_Story Name

Legal: Multiple submissions are accepted. No simultaneous submissions please. We will try to answer within 1-2 weeks. Please do not send follow-up emails until after at least 2 weeks from the time of story submission. Submitting work grants us first North American electronic publication rights.
Presently, Cicatrix Publishing does not offer compensation to its contributors.

Response: Cicatrix Publishing reads and responds to each and every submission. We conduct correspondence in a professional and courteous manner and expect the same in return. We try to provide a short explanation when declining a story, but due to time constraints, we cannot provide in-depth detail. Please do not send request emails for further explanation.


Photographers and illustrators, please email your artwork to and include in the subject line “art submission” and the medium (photography, illustration, etc.) along with a short bio (150 words), profile image, and contact info including social media links.

File types: jpg, pdf, ai (fonts outlined/links embedded), psd, tif, png, eps – no raw files please. Images must be 300dpi or higher.

For files bigger than 20mb, we recommend using to send us art files.

Submitting art grants Cicatrix Publishing first electronic and FNASR rights. Multiple submissions are acceptable. Please avoid simultaneous submissions. We will notify all submissions within 1-2 weeks.

It goes without saying, but please do not submit overly erotic or pornographic material, extremely gruesome or graphic material, and/or any material promoting racism, sexism, or classism. There is a difference between showing these issues and promoting them. If you don’t know that difference, please do not submit.