Words provide art.

Cicatrix Publishing finds the most promising authors and publishes their finest short stories and poems.

Art provides words.

Cicatrix Publishing finds the most promising artists and publishes their work alongside out authors’ words.

Art for “Boker To Omer” illustrated by Polly Lin ©2015

Are you an emerging or established author? Are you an artist or photographer in search of inspiration or alternative ways of showcasing your work? Inquire about Cicatrix Publishing where we bring the best stories and pair them with the best art yet to be seen or read. We strive to bring a strong networking and cohesive culture where art and story accompany each other. Founded in March 2015 in Brooklyn, NY, Cicatrix Publishing is run by a team of professionals in the creative writing, graphic design, and marketing industries and are looking for quality authors, photographers, and artists. Visit our Submit Page to submit your work and to learn more of what we are searching for.