Chris Cicogna

Chris is a long-time professional tattoo artist at a studio in Las Vegas called, “Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings.” He has been sketching and making art since he was a little kid.

Chris’s bio on Ironhorse:

Year Started: 2000
Favorite Style: Cartoony  /  Bright Color
Favorite Artists: Mark Ryden, Todd McFarlane, The Pizz, and Shag.
Chris started tattooing in 2000 at an amazing shop in Southern California. He learned around some of the areas most experienced and talented artists. The knowledge he obtained originally is something he still takes with him in every piece he does. Not only does he tattoo, but draws regularly and even enjoys a bit of painting. In his past adventures, he has designed some amazing t-shirts, done commissioned art pieces, and digital painting. His style is more modern than most tattoo artists these days. He does a very new school cartoon style. If you like big breasts or bright colors this is an artist you should definitely check out. While he does some amazing cartoon style, he can do anything from fine lines to traditional as well. Check out his Instagram and portfolio to check it out for yourself.
Work on Cicatrix
  1. Secrets of the Almoner
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