Previous Work on Cicatrix

2015.06.09 – Jacob Ellis, Soul Rescue, and the Ephemeral World by Brian Michael Barbeito & Sean Rogers

2015.07.11 – Lifeline by “Queenie” Marie Faulk & Polly Lin

2015.08.05 – Boker Tov Omer by Max Hockley & Polly Lin

2015.09.05 – Parking Space by Cheryl Gates & Brian Michael Barbeito

2015.10.06 – Love Notes by Sean Cahill & Colleen Cahill

2015.11.07 – The Hot Dog Lady by Timothy N. Stelly, Sr. & Connor Healy

2015.12.10 – Secrets of the Almoner by Glen Donaldson & Chris Cicogna

2016.01.02 – A Woman By Any Other Name by Terry Barr & Colleen Cahill

2016.02.06 – Prose Poetry by Howie Good & Joey To

2016.02.17 – Short Stories by Joey To

2016.03.05 – Where the Shadows Meet the Sun by Brian Michael Barbeito & Maureen Barten

2016.03.20 – Poetry by Glen Armstrong & Sean Rodgers

2016.04.02 – History by Niles Reddick & Brian Michael Barbeito

2016.05.01 – As I Am Now, So Shall You Be by Ray Scanlon & Patrick Jones

2016.06.04 – Poems by Mitchell Grabois & Polly Lin

2016.06.18 – Guy Number Seven by S.F. Wright & Joey To

2016.07.02 – Seven Poems by Richard Fein & Adam Villanueva

2016.07.16 – Walking While Black by Timothy N. Stelly, Sr. & Maureen Barten

2016.08.06 – Poems & Pictures by Jennifer Lothrigel

2016.08.20 – Life in the 2020s by Timothy N. Stelly, Sr. & Brian Michael Barbeito

2016.09.17 – Crossing County Lines With A Broken Heart (Or How I Learned To Misbehave By Ruining State Property The Night My Darlin’ Left) by Brian Michael Barbeito

2016.10.01 – My Beloved Mary Magdalena Got Killed by a Tomato Truck Sort of and I Lost a Fishing Boat off the Coast of Mexico by Brian Michael Barbeito

2016.10.22 – Family Album by Ada Rocca & Robert Shaffer

2016.11.12 – The Shower Curtain by Christopher Malone & Polly Lin

2016.12.03 – Film Noir by Ada Rocca & Robert Shaffer

2017.01.08 – Finding Shapes by Robert Cole  & Maureen Barten

2017.01.28 – Now Unobscured (Noetic November and Walking the Sight Lines with Emily Dickinson) by Brian Michael Barbeito & Fabrice Poussin

2017.02.18 – Twenty Minutes of Empty Humor by David Michael Joseph & Charles Rammelkamp

2017.03.06 – Poems by John Grey with photos by Fabrice Poussin

Authors on Cicatrix

Brian Michael Barbeito


“Queenie” Marie Faulk

Max Hockley

Cheryl Gates

Sean Cahill

Timothy N. Stelly, Sr.

Glen Donaldson

Terry Barr

Howie Good

Joey To

Glen Armstrong

Niles Reddick

Ray “Old Man” Scanlon

Mitchell Grabois

S.F. Wright

Richard Fein

Jennifer Lothrigel

Ada Rocca

Christopher Malone

Robert Cole

John Grey

Michael Snyder

Artists on Cicatrix

Sean Rodgers

Polly Lin

Brian Michael Barbeito

Colleen Cahill

Connor Healy

Chris Cicogna

Joey To

Maureen Barten

Patrick Jones

Adam Villanueva

Jennifer Lothrigel

Robert Shaffer

Charles Rammelkamp

Fabrice Poussin

Robert Apodaca